Município de Águeda

Município de Águeda

Address: Praça Município de Águeda, 3740-500 Águeda, Portugal

Phone Number: +351 234 610 070


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Águeda Municipal Council it is a non-profit governmental organization, whose mission is to turn the county council territory cohesive, competitive and with quality of life, taking into account the expectations and needs of citizens, in a perspective of sustainable development of the municipality.
Águeda County Council aims to be a reference in Public Administration for sustainable development, orderly, innovative and competitive territory, socially cohesive and culturally active with a status of excellence with repercussions at national and international level, in line with a historical tradition as a municipality with a strong industrial and entrepreneurial inclination. Being considered a tourist, leisure destination and a place where it is good to live, work and learn.

Parents Association Cantacuzini Targoviste ISTITUTO D’ISTRUZIONE SUPERIORE “V. CROCETTI – V. CERULLI”