About the Project: Access

A.C.C.E.S.S aims to tackle the problem of early school leaving caused by school-related factors, in a preventive and early intervention perspective, reinforcing pedagogical quality and innovation through the improvement of teachers’ skills and the creation of a positive learning environment.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Increased Knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of early school leaving;
  • Structured a periodic monitoring process for the timely identification and preventive support of students at early school leaving risk;
  • Developed skills in teachers in 3 areas:
  • Monitoring and support;
  • Communication and relationship – facilitating social and emotional learning through classroom climate; establishing a participative, cooperative and motivating learning environment; empathy and conflict management.
  • Management and teaching – use teaching methods for the development of critical thinking and creativity, acquire and transfer non-formal education methods in the classroom, acquire tools for systematic reflection and assessment of their teaching practice and impact on the students.
  • Strengthened the inter-sectorial territorial cooperation between schools and external subjects according to local contexts;
  • Developed multi-professional and transnational learning communities.
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