Psientífica | Águeda Youth Center

Psientífica | Águeda Youth Center

Address: Rua da Escola Central de Sragentos, n.º 16, J, 3750-14, Águeda, Portugal

Phone Number: 234 661 371



Contact Person: Ana Moutas

Psientífica, which started the activity in 2006, is an association for the promotion of social development, that has as its primary aim empowering people, particularly young people, to develop a culture of civic participation based on social and ethical values ​​such as human rights, solidarity, equal opportunities and intercultural learning in a context of non-formal education.

Águeda Youth Center was born in 2016 in partnership with the Municipality of Águeda. Its mission is to dynamize and mobilize young people in national and international opportunities. It also aims to inform the youth of Águeda of all national and European opportunities and facilitate their access to them.