A1: Development of theoretical and typological model regarding the groups at risk, based on the situational and personal variables school-related

OBJECTIVE: Developed a multifactorial typological model that allows a better understanding of early school leaving and provides the basis for preventive actions and/or early intervention


A1.1: Research on interrelations among early school leaving, system of interactions, learning and teaching practices:

-A.1.1 (A) the point of view and the needs of students and Early School Leavers young people (these last already out of the school system), concerning the communication flows, the interactions at school, the learning processes;

– A.1.1 (B) teachers’ representations/beliefs and teaching practices related to the ESL phenomenon

A1.2: Elaboration of the theoretical model, identification of intensity indicators (descriptors) of situational and personal school-related risk factos

A5: Project Management News